Anyone know The Necromancer’s Kids release date?

Anyone know when this man, Warbles, releases his so-called concept album “The Necromancer’s Kids?”

Decent enough that we can listen to Warbles’ Mathematician & Magician over and over again. There’s also the interview the man did for Radiohive, sharing a few details about the story behind the music, and playing four of the best songs I have ever heard, one of which is a 17-minute-long mind-blowing anthem called “City Suite.” There is also the creature the man is named after, which one can look at again and again.

But precious little other content than that. No videos of the live performances (a remarkable one of which I saw at I believe Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn a year ago), no website, the Myspace appears to be deleted. Thought this secret album project was coming out “soon,” but  have yet to see a copy. When will the world know of the Warbles?